Established in November 2009, with the desire to extend unconditional, compassionate care to the vulnerable, disadvantage and the impoverished.  Our aim is to foster wholeness for all peoples. 

"Personal Development, Develop self-esteem, spiritual growth, self-confidence, feelings of self-worth and improve your sense of purpose and fulfillment."  Blondine

The benefits of service:  Develop self-esteem, self-confidence, feelings of self-worth and improve your sense of purpose and fulfillment.  Researchers at the London School of Economics studied the level of “happiness” among those who volunteer, and found that the more people served others, the happier they were. Volunteering can be overwhelming, expensive, but very beneficial.  When we share our talents, skills and resources we feel more connected to others, and we become less absorbed.  We develop friendships with like-minded people of common interests. Studies showed that volunteering decreases the sense of loss and increase a since of purpose.  At HHB our volunteer has reported, “We’ve received true life changing satisfaction by sharing our own personal resources and celebrating the small differences.”

Dear Friends,

YOU ARE AMAZING!  It is with great pleasure to personally thank you!  To express gratitude for your tremendous efforts and generosity.  We are embarking to our 27th mission to Haiti.  

2018 Highlighted

  • We had a successful Mission in July serving over 2000
  • Built partial periphery wall for clinic.
  • Purchased new lab equipment.
  • Installed clean energy, a solar system that will enhance our medical service providing sustainable energy. 
  • Expanded our Clinique to include a rehabilitation center & pediatric ward. 
  • Traveled with 28 volunteers. 
  • Hired and provide a salary to over 35 Haitian workers.

​“One of the great ironies of life is this: He or she who serves almost always benefits more than he or she who is served.” – Gordon Hinckle

​"We rose with the sun, hiked into sunrise, spent our days taking vitals and prescribing medicine – in some cases, performing minor surgeries with the help of the volunteer doctors – and the evenings sharing stories and wisdom with Lala, Lovely, Jojo and other local family and friends who made our stay in Haiti so welcoming."

“We invite you to pick up this book, find the gift of the heart through the eyes of the many Helping Hands and Beyond volunteers and build a future for its children, brick by brick.”  

Get your copy today to support our ability to provide access to HOPE. Click here for more information.





​​Haiti:  Dec 16-23, 2018 Christmas in Haiti

Grenada: May 21-27, 2019, Health Education, CPR

Haiti:  July 28- Aug 04, 2019 Medical Mission, Soccer Camp

Haiti:  Dec 12-15, 2019 Christmas in Haiti



Clinique Helping Hands Making Progress!

We honor the Late Paul Weidner as our major supporter and cheerleader.

Accessible and affordable quality medical care for the people of the Miragoane community and its surrounding neighborhoods. Staffed by 2 Haitian physicians, 1 registered nurse, 1 nursing assistant, and 1 lab tech. 

We are expending, adding 3 additional exam room and a Rehabilitation Center.  We need your help! 

medical service/mobile clinic

Working in partnership with local officials, medical professionals, churches and schools. Our medical program offers medical treatment to most of whom have never seen a doctor, especially those of underprivileged areas.

soccer program

A social, educational and recreational outlet for the community and its surroundings. Cleats, shin guards, socks, goalie gloves, goalie jerseys, practice jerseys, shorts, sneakers and soccer balls are collected and donated.


youth program

Youth enrichment camp, offering sports, arts and crafts, music, dance, field trips, life skills, personal growth, and team/esteem-building activities to boys and girls ages 5 to 15 years old.