"The five-room clinic, which also has a small pharmacy, represents accessible and affordable quality medical care..."

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 marked the official opening of the newly-constructed Helping Hands Clinic (HHC) in Miragoane, Haiti.  Despite the oppressive heat, the event was attended by more than 200 people, among whom were many special guests including our volunteers, the Ministry of Health, pastors, city officials and other community leaders. 

The ceremony was short and sweet, beginning with a trumpeter who performed the “Star Spangled Banner” and the Haiti National Anthem “La Dessalinienne.”  All assembled gathered for a few short words from Rev. Pasteur David Eliassaint and Herline Raphael to honor everyone who has been instrumental in the success of this clinic.  The ceremony concluded with a ribbon-cutting ceremony that officially opened the doors of the clinic. Before the day was over the HHC medical team administered care to over 300 people and donated more than 150 book bags with school supplies. 

The five-room clinic, which also has a small pharmacy, represents accessible and affordable quality medical care for the people of the Miragoane community and its surrounding neighborhoods. The clinic is staffed by two Haitian physicians, a registered nurse, and a nursing assistants. It is open Monday through Friday.  The clinic will provide medical evaluation and treatment as well as counseling services. 

In addition to the basic medical care provided, the HHC  offers several community health education programs to help minimize the overall occurrences of preventable diseases. The public health program educates patients on Prenatal Care, clean water, malaria prevention, HIV education, nutrition, as well as dental hygiene.

Friends, we need YOU!  We need you to support the medical care, programs and the ongoing operation of our clinic. Medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, staffing, equipment and functional costs of the clinic are a continual need and a big part of our operating budget.  Please help us sustain our clinic and medical program.  Your donation will go a long way in providing quality medical care to those who need it the most.  We are thankful to the Lord and to everyone who supported us along the way.  

​The Helping Hands Clinic

Established in November 2009, with the desire to extend unconditional, compassionate care to the vulnerable, disadvantage and the impoverished.  Our aim is to foster wholeness for all peoples.