Established in November 2009, with the desire to extend unconditional, compassionate care to the vulnerable, disadvantage and the impoverished.  Our aim is to foster wholeness for all peoples. 

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Testimonials & Photos of our Volunteers

Thank you for your ongoing support!

 Dear Volunteers,

We are pleased to know that you got involved in a cause that you are passionate about.  Thank you for being influential, expressing and sharing you talent and knowledge.  Thank you for sharing your personal journey with us.  Thank you for the opportunity to work with you.  In our missions, you did not only care for the poor, you restored, healed and brought hope. All of you in one form or the other worked your buns off!  Even if it is the smallest of jobs, you all carried them out with pride and joy.  Love you all!

We invite you to pick up this PICTURE book, find the gift of the heart through the eyes of the many Helping Hands and Beyond volunteers and build a future for its children, brick by brick.”   Anya

"Come and take a journey with our Missionaries as they describe their life changing experiences in words and full color pictures while volunteering in Haiti. You will experience the true meaning of Empathy." Kathi

"Guaranteed to be moving, tear-jerker, funny, and inspirational.  You'll experience true love and hope."  Kathy